Saturday, September 16, 2017

Check Out Your Squirrel Nests

We have a lot of oak trees around our house and sometimes it looks like a squirrel paradise. Squirrels are always racing around the yard and sneaking up on the deck. They can be pesky at times but for the most part they are fun to watch.

I've seen their nests for years up in the trees and always wondered about stuff like what they're made of, how deep it is, and how many squirrels can share a nest. One day I stopped wondering and got out the ladder to check one out up close.

It was fun peeking inside the nest and noticing how they had weaved the sticks and leaves together. The nest was empty but still I didn't touch it with my hands, I didn't want them to know I had been spying on them. But I did give it a good look over.  I think it made me appreciate my squirrel friends a little more. 
It also got me to thinking that I, you, and all of us, have many "squirrel nests" in our lives that we have never stopped and peeked inside.  Maybe we should slow down and take five minutes or so to explore some of the things in our lives that we have took for granted so many times. You never know what you might find or where it might take you.  Explore and Learn.

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