Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tommy Tadpole

Tommy Tadpole had been swimming in the ditch for two days and loved it! Then, he noticed how little foot pads had popped out on his sides. On each one, three big toes were held together by weird, rubbery webs. 

Tommy watched his sister, Tasha, swim to the ditch’s edge.  She yelled out  excitedly,  “Hey, Tommy! Watch me! I’m gonna hop on my new webbed feet. This is gonna be so cool!” 

Then, Tasha carefully put a webbed foot onto the squishy green ground. She pushed out of the water and plopped onto the grass on her 4 little webbed feet. 

“Wow,” Tommy said. “I’ll never get out of this ditch. I love the water. Plus, I’m afraid. What if my new feet don't hop? I’ll just be stranded in the mud!” 

“Weeeeeee,” screamed Tasha. ”I knew I could do it! You can hop, too, Tommy. Go on! Just try your frog legs. Say out loud you can do it!” 

Even though Tommy thought it was silly, to make his sister happy, he said, “The other tadpoles got out of the water to hop, and so can I.” 

“Say it again!” yelled Tasha with enthusiasm. 

“I’m gonna hop on my webbed feet!” exclaimed Tommy, with a little more conviction. 

Then Tommy said out loud to himself, “I can do it, I can do it. I can hop right now!” And with that, Tommy leaped out of the water, thudding onto the wet green lawn with his webbed frog feet! Then he hopped and hopped and hopped some more – into the water, out of the water, and all around – just like the big frogs. 

Moral: When you're trying something new, be optimistic, have confidence, and you'll enjoy success! 

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