Sunday, August 11, 2019

Jot This Down

Jotting (Writing) it Down helps you to remember and just a few words is all it takes to jog your memory and kick start your thinking.

Here are a few things worth remembering that you could jot down:

Straighter Is Greater


Loyalty Is Royalty

Commit Or Quit

Little Things Matter
Enemies Are Made, Not Born 

Prayer Works Period 

Now This:

A little boy was having difficulty lifting a heavy stone. His father came along and as he noticed the boy struggling, he asked, "Are you using all your strength?" "Yes, I am," the little boy said. As he continued to watch, the father asks again, "Are you sure you using all your strength?" "Yes, I am," the little boy said. "No, you are not," the father answered. "I am right here just waiting, and you haven't asked me to help you."

Asking is the key to getting. Some never ask yet they wonder why they didn't get. If you want something you should ask for it. Never Be Afraid To Ask

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