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In The Dark

Gary stepped outside and knew at once that it was going to be one of those terrible days.   Everything was dark and gloomy, like a thunderstorm was only moments away.   But it was strange – the weather reporter had said the day would be sunny.    Gary continued on to his favorite coffee shop.   Inside the coffee shop, the lights were dim, as if some bulbs had burned out.   He thought, “What kind of lousy restaurant doesn’t change the light bulbs when they go out?”     Gary sat down and looked at the menu, but the dim lighting was making him more and more depressed.   When the waitress came by to take his order, Gary ordered his food, but he stopped her as she started walking back to the kitchen. “Why don’t you guys fix some of these light bulbs? It’s so dark in here.   Do you think your customers like to eat in the dark?” Gary, whose mood had gotten progressively worse since he left the house, spoke angrily and a little too loudly. “But sir,” the waitress said,

Opportunity Knocking

Many like to sit back and wait for an opportunity to come knocking. Unfortunately, wishing for opportunities doesn’t make them happen. You must look for possibilities in your life and strive to make something happen when you find them. Recognizing opportunities when they show up, and creating your own opportunities, are the best ways to achieve success. If you give yourself the chance, you may find that there’s an opportunity knocking on every door.   Don’t wait for someone else to find opportunities for you. Learn to recognize opportunities and take action promptly.  Be open to answering the call when new opportunities present itself. Like Milton Berle once said:  "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."