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In Pursuit Of Happiness

Chester was a tiny little dog. He was excited to start puppy school, but he was also nervous because he had no idea what trade he wanted to pursue.   After months of waiting, he finally realized he wanted to be a guard dog.   "Chester’s mom had given him all of the time in the world to choose what trade he wanted to learn. But her patience was wearing thin.   Chester, have you decided what you want to do with your life? All of your brothers and sisters have already gone off to pup school and graduated. Why are you taking so long to blossom?” asked his mother.   “Mom, I want to be a guard dog,” Chester blurted out.   “Honey, you’re so small. You can't be a guard dog; you'll get eaten alive.” remarked Chester’s mother.   This lit a fire under Chester. He was determined to pursue his road to happiness, no matter how long and hard the journey may be. “Mom, I’ve made up my mind. I am going to be a guard dog,” said Chester before he skipped away.   The ver

The Class Project

Jimmy was having fun playing video games in his room, not worrying at all about his science project that was due in two days.  Mrs. Peterson had assigned it last week. At first, he had intended to do the project, but a couple of days after it was assigned, Mrs. Peterson was absent, and they had a substitute teacher. So he decided to put it off until Mrs. Peterson came back.   But she hadn’t come back all week! And now here he was with nothing to show for himself. Even so, he still wasn’t too worried about it – the substitute hadn’t mentioned the science project at all. So Jimmy played some more and went to bed.  The next day, Jimmy walked into science class to find Mrs. Peterson sitting at her desk. He felt his heart sink.  “I’m sorry I was away so long,” she said. “But I hope you all have been working on your science projects. I’m really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.”  When he got home from school, Jimmy got to work frantically, trying to put together a project.