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Act In Love

  The story goes that one day a snake entered a workshop and as it crawled around on the tools and work tables it went over an old saw blade and hurt itself a little. The snake, feeling the pain, was startled and recoiled away from the saw blade, only to turn and bite the saw in a moment of confusion and panic. While biting the saw blade, the snake hurt itself badly in the mouth. Not understanding what was happening to him and thinking that the saw was attacking him, the snake decided to curl around the saw as if wanting to suffocate it with his whole body and squeeze hard with all his strength. Unfortunately, the snake's plan backfired and it ended up killing itself in the process. The snake's desperate attempt to protect itself was ultimately futile, as it was no match for the sharp edges of the saw blade. Despite the snake's valiant effort, it was unable to overcome the power of the saw and was ultimately doomed to its own demise. The snake's death serves as a caut