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Be Like A Bee

One day I was sitting on the deck out back when I spotted a bumble bee. The thought hit me that maybe bees might be a good topic for my blog.   I ran inside to get the camera but when I returned the bee was gone. I never did get around to writing the article about bees in the garden. But seeing this huge bumble bee did remind me about the saying, bumble bees can't fly, they just do it anyway. Really, in theory bumblebees should not be able to fly. According to the great minds of science, the bumblebee cannot fly. Why? For one, its wings just aren't big enough. The body is too big. Aerodynamics says it is impossible. The biggest computers in the world all come to the same conclusion, it can't fly. Another fact about the bumble bee is, and maybe the smart people didn't think about this one, the bumble bee doesn't have any ears. Really, the bumble bee doesn't have any ears. Nope, the bumble bee doesn't have ears, so maybe this explains why